Creating a Spa Style Bathroom

It’s necessary for you to do a little self analysis. Find out which scents work best for you and try purchasing them for your home spa. For example if lime and lavender are your favourites then look for bath gels and salts in those fragrances. Similarly pay attention to the colours which have a positive effect on your mind. Whatever colour seems to suit your mood and temperament should be the correct choice for your home spa.

Be luxuriously decadent

A spa is a feast for the senses so being decadent in the decor is the best thing that you could do. You can actually create luxurious surrounding just like in hotels without breaking the bank. Think about placing fresh garden blooms in strategic corners in the bathroom. Ornate mirrors and arty photographs are other things that could spruce up your walls. Buy a lovely soft rug and put it right next to your bathtub. Invest in good quality monogrammed towels.

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Lotions and salts

Treat yourself to a delicious bath hamper by any of the great bed and bath brands. Soothing lotions to pamper your skin, scented scrubs to exfoliate and rich creamy potions to massage out all the tension in the body will make your spa experience complete. Make sure that you buy luxury hair products too and artfully arrange them in artistic baskets. A medley of differently shaped unscented white candles will glam up your bathroom and complete the “luxe spa” look.

Bathroom Renovations

It is common for bathroom mirrors to get stained quickly. These stains are usually formed as a result of constant water sprays and moisture. Over the years the stains form a thick coat on the glass making it tough to keep clean.

If you just replace all your bathroom mirrors you will automatically be able to give your bathroom a new look.

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