The Laundry Renovation for Him

There was once a time when laundry was only a task for the homemaker wife. This is a changing trend and many men are staying home and being the homemaker husband while their wife works and is the major bread winner. The question is does your homemaker husband deserve a special place to do their daily homemaker duties? Yes, of course they do. A laundry renovation done to the laundry room for him specifically can be a great way to show him how much you care and support that he is staying home and taking care of the homemaker duties.

Let’s be honest and truthful for a minute. Most men want a man cave or a space that is designed for ball game watching, drinking beer, and just general man time. A large laundry renovation can be the perfect opportunity to turn an area in the house where he will be spending a lot of time into a true manly retreat where he can work and be comfortable. A brand new awesome washer and dryer will be great for the gadget loving man. There are buttons and settings on the washer and dryer to be played with and experimented with to get the cleanest clothes. Some new closed cabinets that go around the washer and dryer and even doors to close over the washer and dryer can make the man cave completely unrecognizable as the laundry room once the clothes are put away properly. A large flat screen can be added to the wall and a small leather couch put in there with a large coffee table that can be used as the laundry room’s folding table. A small mini fridge will put the beer close at hand on game days. He can wash and dry the clothes during the game and fold them after it. Some custom wall art designed around manly subjects and a little paint will go a long way to change the space over to something new and multi purpose.

It does not take much to make your laundry renovation serve multiple purposes. Money is tight in today’s economy. People are downsizing their homes because they cannot afford the larger one anymore. One parent is staying home with the children because the loss of income source can actually be cheaper than daycare for multiple children and being at home with mom or dad is always better than being with a paid stranger. Being a stay at home parent can be a real change for a man depending on what his job was beforehand. He will love the idea of the laundry renovation designed for him and his needs.

The changes to your renovation do not have to be much. Most laundry rooms of any real size double as a storage and clutter collection area. The storage and clutter can all be moved to less accessible areas of the house and give the man his personal space. The room can be designed to motivate him to keep the laundry done and put away.

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