Available Machineries from Plant Hire Contractors

Rather than investing in heavy machineries, it is more practical to rent these equipments from plant hire contractors. Not only do you save money, but you also avoid the stress of searching for a huge place where you can park these machineries when not in use. In addition, you do not have to think about the maintenance of these machineries as it is definitely very costly. Listed below are the machineries that you can hire from plant hire contractors:


These are used for deep ground digging and for moving small to medium items. Depending on your needs, the choices for excavators range from 5t to 230t. All of these excavators have passed the stringent guidelines with the current mine specifications. These are all well-maintained and you, as the plant hirer, will be given an assurance in writing that the excavators will function according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Excavator attachments

Attachments such as hydraulic rock breakers and hydraulic shears are also available from plant hire contractors.


If you are in need of an equipment that will lift and transport heavy crates, then hire a forklift from plant hire contractors. Those who are in depot or warehouses are the ones that usually need this equipment. Some forklift can lift 15tons while the bigger models can lift 50 tons of crates or other heavy materials.


Photo Credit : www.abgairns.com

Among all the heavy equipments, bulldozers are the most popular machinery that is hired from plant hire contractors. It is equipped with a dozer blade which is for pushing soil and at the same time, the dozer blade is used for leveling surfaces. Bulldozers are also used for breaking rocks and pavements. It is used both in construction and deconstruction sites.

Cherry pickers

This equipment is used in areas where it is not possible for ladders to reach the target area. It is named as such because it is originally used for picking fruits that are on the uppermost half of the trees. Plant hire contractors usually lease this equipment to those companies that make use of cables such as telecommunication or electric companies.

Dump trucks

These trucks are used for carrying construction materials in and out of the construction site, such as gravel and sand. These are also used for transporting waste materials. Plant hire contractors have many available sizes of these trucks, so you can choose as to size you need for your project.