Types of Timber Flooring


There are so many options available as far as latest timber flooring range in Melbourne is concerned, and this can make it difficult for you to know which type is the best in terms of cost, wear and tear, and the appearance. Timber floors are always sassy, and if you mindfully consider your style and furnishing preference when choosing timber flooring, your floor will defiantly set the mode of your house from the ground up. Here are some of the best timber floor types available for you to choose from:

Solid timber floors

As the name suggest, these are solid lengths of wood usually connected by interlocking tongues and grooves build upon bearers and joists. If you have a subfloor that is a concrete floor slab and you would like to install solid boards, the good news is that it can be done through the use of battens or ply sheet. The good thing about slid timber floor is that it can be sanded several times each time it loses the smooth surface to restore it.

Floating timber floors

This type of timber flooring has become increasly popular rover the recent years due to the ease of installation and its sound-proofing qualities resulting from the foam insulation blankets that floating timber lies on. Floating floors comprises of several layers on the top being wood veneer. Unlike the solid timber floorboards which often need accumulization on site, floating timber floors can be laid directly on a concrete slab, and you won’t need oil or lacquer it.

Parquetry timber floor

Parquet timber givesyourfloor the look of beautiful jigsaws of several-colored wooden blocks, or the mosaic patters lay on a flat solid base. It might be either plywood substrate or concrete. You can buy Parquetry in preassembled wooden tiles or panels. It can also be laid traditionally as distinct timber fingers and you can cut several pieces to create contrast.

Hardwood timber floor

Though most of existing timber floors in the old style houses are softwood, almost all new timber flooring now is hardwood. This is due to the reason that it can resist indentation. Ironbark andspotted gums are the hardest species while black butt follows in hardness. Tassie oak is the last one but it is still hard.

To select the best timber flooring, you also need to consider the grade .Grade refers to the visible natural features in wood. Many companies offer fewer than three levels under different names. These include select or classic which is the sleekest, standard or natural. Having an average number of knots and characteristics, Rustic or Austreliana, this has highest burls and veins level