A Renter’s Guide To End Of Lease Cleaning


One of the last things that people want to think about when moving is cleaning the old house. However, if you want to get your full bond back, you are going to have to put in some elbow grease to clean it, or you could save energy and time by hiring Brisbane exit cleaning services to do the hard work for you.

Many times, you will forgo your bond, or part of your bond if the rental space is not cleaned for the next tenant. Depending on where you are, you could lose what is equal to a full month’s rent by not having the unit cleaned. The cost of exit cleaning services does vary from company to company, but many times the cost is much less that what you are losing by having the exit cleaning services done. The cost will vary due to the size and the services that you want to have done. Many exit cleaning services take one or two days to complete, so plan ahead.

Why Use Professional Cleaners?

You may be able to do all the cleaning yourself; however, it can take a lot of hard work and time to get a rental unit clean. In most cases, you won't get the unit as clean as the building owner wants it. Professional cleaners are more involved in cleaning than most people. Professional cleaner clean areas that many people look over, and many times are caked in dirt and dead bugs.

You could spend whole weekend or longer trying to deal with all the dust and grime that has collected over the years. The simple option is to hire a cleaning company, as they are professional that have the correct cleaning products to get your unit looking like you never lived there.

Many professional cleaners have money back guaranties. These guaranties allow you have the property cleaned again for free, if you are not able to get your full bond back if the reason is due to how clean the unit is. You should also get a tax receipt that you can provide the real estate agent to prove that the unit has been professionally cleaned. In many cases, this will lessen the chances of nit-picking to happen.

When you are using a professional cleaner, you are able to focus on the move. You won’t need to worry about the scrubbing, that most likely needs to be done in the old house.