Simple Tips For Grout Cleaning


We all hate cleaning. Whether it is just a room, or a house or an office or even just a single object, cleaning is something that we all dread. The burden of cleaning is even more when it becomes difficult to clean certain stuff. For example, we need to be extra careful when it comes to carpet cleaning or cleaning blinds in our houses, because they are used in different ways and hence might attract more dirt and germs.

Similarly, there are a number of such special areas or objects that need special cleaning care and today we are discussing one such issue.

Grout cleaners

It is one of those difficult things to clean, but at the same time, something that does have to be cleaned.

Before we look at some tips for grout cleaners, let’s take a brief look at what grout is, for those of you who might not know.

What is grout?

Grout is a kind of liquid form of concrete that is mainly used in buildings to fill gaps and connect two units, such as separate sections of pre-cast concrete, and seal joints such as those between tiles. It is normally a mixture of water, sand, cement and sometimes colour tint and gravel. Gravel is used mainly to connect and fill the large spaces between concrete blocks. Unlike other kinds of paste material like plaster or joint compound, grout when made properly, with the correct composition, it forms a waterproof seal.

Sometimes, the grout used to fill gaps between tiles often becomes a nuisance and it is called tilling grout. That is when grout cleaners comes into play.

Now let’s look at some tips to clean grout:

    - You can use baking soda and vinegar to clean grout. Once you sprinkle and spread some baking soda over the grout, evenly and removing any excess, you can spray some vinegar over it. You will see a chemical reaction occurring and after that you will be able to easily wipe away the grout.

    - You can then use a grout brush to brush away the solution thoroughly. Keeping aside a small cup of water to rinse, can also be quite helpful. But be sure not to use too much water, in order to keep the solution gritty enough.

    - The result will be a muddy solution mess. You can wipe away this mess with any cloth or rag and then go over with a vacuum cleaner to remove excess baking soda, and finish with a wet mop.

These are some tips for grout cleaners and achieve clean tiles.

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