Tips In Cleaning Tiles And Grouts


Everyone wants to live in a clean house. This way, one can avoid getting sick that is associated with living in a dirty environment. Most homeowners set up certain schedules when they can clean the house. Some of them may even hire cleaning professionals to do the job.

If you are doing the cleaning all by yourself, you surely would notice that the grout in between the tiles are the ones that are pretty hard to clean. Grime usually build up and accumulate in these areas and it can be very tough to remove. In order to solve this problem, you have to know what tile and grout cleaner you need to use. You also need to know what steps you should take to properly clean such area.

There are several things that can cause grouts to be dirty. It depends on which part of the house you are cleaning, though. For example, a dirty grout in the kitchen may be due to food stains, mildew, and general household traffic. A dirty grout in the bathroom is typically due to mildew and mold. Whatever the cause, you always need to use the least acidic tile and grout cleaner first before you use other harsher cleaning products.

You can make use of simple items that you can find in your household to clean grout. Some of these items are baking soda and vinegar. By just mixing either of these two items with water, you will be able to have a solution that can clean grout. However, this solution will only be able to remove simple stains. You can spray the cleaning solution or dab it onto the grout and scrub the area, in a circular motion, with the use of a stiff brush. Afterwards, you should rinse with clean water and mop the remaining liquid or moisture from the floor.

You may also purchase a generic household cleaner from the supermarket. There are numerous brands of such cleaners nowadays. In most cases, you just have to spray the generic solution into the area and let it sit for a few minutes. There are some brands where you need to dilute them with water before you can spray them on. You might also want to use a steam cleaner for grouts. The steam will make it easier to remove the stains from the grouts.

A commercial tile and grout cleaner will be your next option if you still cannot remove the stains. This commercial product typically contains powerful chemicals that can help remove the stains from the tiles and the grouts. You have to apply such product onto the area and let it set for a few minutes, as per recommendation from the product label. Then, you need to scrub and rinse.

Your last option will be a heavy duty cleaner. Such cleaner is typically using more powerful chemicals than a commercial product so you need to be extra careful in handling one. You have to follow every step properly. Fresh Aire have Perth's most trusted team of grout cleaners at your disposal!