Reasons of Sewer Blockage


If you happen to come in a situation where your drains and sewers are overflowing inside your residential house, then you could actually say that the culprit is a sewer blockage. This experience is drastically a very unfortunate one as the overflowing water could be stinky and dirty. This could happen even when there is only a little clog in your drains or sewer. The good thing is that you could actually do some preventive measures to lessen or maybe avoid experiencing these unfortunate situations.

This article will provide you some of the reasons why sewer blockage occurs and its certain preventive measures.

• Broken sewer lines – sewer blockage could be caused by broken sewer lines and broken sewages could be because of its old age and maybe some large tree roots. Collapsed sewer lines could be determined whenever there are mud present in the water and if drains slowly flow. If you experience this issue, you could contact professional plumbing services Sydney to help you solve your issue.

• Food debris – if you do not know about the certain kinds of foods which could easily pass through pipes and you just drop any kinds of foods into your drains, then this could definitely lead to sewer blockage. You must never drop all kinds of foods into your drains as these may build up and cause a blockage. To avoid this unfortunate situation, never forget to pour cool water for about two minutes to ensure that the food debris passes thoroughly into the sewer lines. Never drain foods like onion and banana peels, and etc.

• Greases – blockages that are caused by greases commonly happen in hygienic and waste lines coming from the kitchen. You could lessen the instances of grease sewer blockage through performing a water jetting or rodding and utilizing chemical solutions specifically created for grease extraction.

• Disposing waste inappropriately – sanitary sewer lines are particularly created to only allow biodegradable toilet papers and natural waste disposal from people. Never flush things that could block your drains such as wet wipes, paper towels, condoms, napkins, diapers and any other stuffs.

• Iced ground – whenever the water in the ground turns into ice due to very cold weather, it basically expanses and shifts the ground level upward. By the time the ground unfreezes, it shifts the ground downward again. Because of this ground shifts, the water pipes could get cracks which would then lead to leaks. Leaking makes the water go into the ground and when the cool season comes it would the move the ground and cause some soils to get into the sewer and eventually turn into a sewer blockage. Rodding could be done to briefly clean up the sewer.

• Tree roots – considered to be the most common reason for sewer blockage are the tree roots. Tree roots are known to be a persisting sewer issue which could be extracted through rodding, using of chemicals or water jetting. But if you desire to permanently get rid of these roots, the only answer to that is through removing the entire tree.