E Learning Management Solutions The Future is Bright for Education

It has puzzled me for a long time now why our education system has been so slow to adapt to the modern technological world. We’re all almost always online now with high quality LTE connections on our smartphones everywhere we go. Yet there is always a major pushback by Teachers’ Unions to the idea of moving more and more towards utilizing E Learning Management Solutions and away from the more tactile environments of old.

We’re told that E-Learning is some threat because kids are going to lose their basic abilities such as strong mental arithmetic, but my question is if we’re always connected to a calculator why in God’s name does it matter if a kid has strong mental arithmetic anymore?

It’s a fact that by 2020 over half of all college courses in the USA are going to be done through E Learning Management Solutions do you think this is some sort of bad trend? Giving more independence to students is a great thing.

In the past we’ve coddled students and the best and brightest of us have been hamstrung by only being able to go as fast as the slowest in their class because nobody can be left behind. With independent learning systems online the best students can work at their own pace and contact a teacher if they need assistance.

Our job isn’t to make teachers feel good about how needed they are, but rather to make sure that students gain the important human capital they will need to be successful in life. To give students the opportunity to gain the vital human capital that will mean more and greater innovation to push all mankind forward.

The fact that there are teachers currently who will not utilize smartboards in classrooms is astonishing and they wouldn’t be able to do this if they weren’t being protected by their unions. Why are we allowing older teachers who don’t want to adapt with their changing top to hamstring our children? We’re holding back our future by doing this.

It’s important that we change our direction on the importance of education and what the purpose of education is. Education is liberating, it provides you with great opportunities, but if we’re not allowing the education system to be based around the students as opposed to the teachers are we really helping ourselves?

E Learning Management Solutions can be the great equalizer in our time. Students growing up in poor areas only need an internet connection and an imagination to change their future; What could be more important?