Online Collaboration Software for Free

For sure as a businessman you already heard about the online collaboration software that can do magic to your tasks as well as the entire system of your business. But there is a chance that even if you did hear about it, you just ignore it thinking your company cannot afford it at the time being. Well, good news for you as even with no budget, you can still enjoy the functions this amazing software can provide for your company. There are now some heaven sent sites that are providing these tools for free. Yes you heard it right; it is free for your company to enjoy with!

Co-op – this is a simple application with no frills. Almost like that of twitter that is equipped with equally simple interface. Some of the things you can do with this tool are as follows: you can post some updates, inquire about particular things, share some informative links, and you can even track the time. Another beneficial thing is you can share your agenda to your colleagues so that they will be informed as to the project you are working on at the moment.

Cube tree – this is an on-demand collaboration tool meant for any business. This can be availed either for free or with charge. This application features microblogging characteristics, updating status up to 140 characters, a space where you can comment freely just like when you are going to comment in Facebook, feeds that can be filtered wherein you have the choice to whom you want to follow and as to the kind of feeds you like to receive, and an inclusion of a number of third party organizations.

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