Online Proofing: Why Do You Need It?

Online proofing is the process to automate the audit and approval of work online. It is basically used by web designers and marketing agencies around the world to accelerate and simplify their design process and allows production companies and many others to cooperate with each other in a timely and efficient fashion. It is very useful in providing feedback on photos, designs, templates and more. One just needs to create a proof and share it with their teammates to get the work started.

Reasons for increased use of online proofing:-

The use of Online Proofing has become quite dominant in the recent years because of several reasons:

  • It is quite affordable because it doesn’t require the need of a hard copy proof as all the proofing is digital and is done online.
  • The increased availability of internet around the world has made the distribution of digital data online very easy and quick.
  • Consumers want to use easy web tools in their professional lives to speed up the work process and this service fits exactly to the description.
  • Due to the better browser technology now in use, companies do not need to install and download softwares for their soft-proofing as online-proofing runs easily on all the kinds of browsers.
  • Due to the introduction of software-as-a-service-application, the need for installing and maintaining servers and operating systems has decreased over the years as companies can now easily access and adopt new softwares online.
  • Reasons for online proofing being different from soft-proofing:-

    It is a step ahead of soft proofing due to many reasons many of which are highlighted below.

  • It can be used on various types of media like print, movies, TV, banner, web pages and many more which is indeed quite helpful as designs do not have to be re-purposed for different media channels.
  • It takes all aspects of creative development in its creative process to ensure that all requirements are fully met and nothing is left unchecked. For example, online proofing will not only check the content but will also focus on the layouts, images or any errors that might have been made. Thus it is very collaborative as both creator and reviewer work together to ensure a perfect outcome.
  • There is no need to download anything for this service to start working. Everything regarding it can be accessed online, making the task easier for the team mates who cooperate online from different locations. There are no upfront costs for it thus businesses can pay at ease either monthly or yearly, whatever way is convenient to them. Pay-as-you-go basis for the service cancels the need for the firm to invest thousands of dollars in capital.
  • It is also accessible from mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones. This has speed up the entire approval process and has made this service all the more desirable.
  • The main features of online proofing:

    There are various features of online proofing. One of the main features is that the proof can be viewed for content and color. Furthermore more than two people can view the proof at the same time and each individual can mark the proof to indicate any changes made. Users can also compare their new proof versions to the old ones side by side. Yet another feature is that it provides an electronic sign-off along with archiving the proof for later reviewing.

    The main users of online proofing:

    • One of the most frequent users are those companies which deals with large number of people and content both. So they require the help from proofing online to have a thorough check on all the process.
    • Time-critical people also require the services to reduce their workload of the approval process and to speed it up due to limited availability of time.
    • The heavily regulated companies also use the service so that they may have a complete record of each activity for proof.
    • High brand value companies rely on the technique to maintain their integrity in the market.