Choosing an Air Conditioner -Window Unit or Split System?

Professional help will invariably be required for split air conditioning installation though setting it up is quite convenient. Boring a 3” or 4” hole for channelling the electrical conduits that connects the outdoor with the indoor unit is essentially needed. With a window system, professional assistance would be needed only for electrical connections. The unit could be set up in a ledge of any window.


A window AC has its condenser, compressor, expansion valve, and all other composite parts working in unison and has a cuboidal shape. The compartment in a split model is split or separated into two distinct chambers. The chamber containing the compressor and the condenser make up the external unit and the compartment containing the evaporative coils and other parts constitute the AH (air handling) indoor unit.


A split air conditioning installation would require more space than a window unit of the same weight and rating. The latest editions of window ACs are as compacted as microwave ovens.

Cooling potential

A split AC can cool interior spaces faster than a window AC as the main cooling components are kept in a separate compartment placed outside that expedite the cooling mechanism. The internal blowers can release gusts of air upto a distance of 40-50 feet that results in your room getting cooled in no time. But cooling efficiency might receive a setback if the conduits linking the outdoor and indoor components are not properly insulated. Also Read Ducted Air Conditioner

A window AC can be equally effective in cooling up your premises provided you correctly choose the tonnage, wattage, and energy star rating (called the EER) in consonance with the total area to be cooled.

Thermostat is a part of the AC which detects or senses the temperature, that way, the AC's temperature is maintained near the desured setpoint.

Although authorized dealers usually assist in air conditioning installation when you buy equipment from them, in some cases you may need to hire someone separately.