Tips for Fixing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a cause of universal irritation and inconvenience. However much you try to avoid their occurrence, you are sure to experience their occurrence if anything apart from water goes down your drain on a regular basis. Hire plumbing services to fix blocked drains as they know about the source of blockage as not all blockages can be cleaned in the same way.

If there is blockage in your main drain line, you should call in professional drain cleaners. The first indication of a stubborn blockage will be a foul/unpleasant smell. Your professional drain cleaner will be the one responsible in fixing this problem. You may visit Blocked drains Brisbane for further information regarding blocked drains.

Remove the manhole cover of the main drain and check it for blockages. If the entrance is clear the blockage is probably down the drain line. Your drain cleaner guys will now use drain rods to probe around the outlets and inlets. They will also use artificial flushing system to remove blockages in blocked drains.

The homeowner is responsible for the upkeep of the drainage system till the point it meets the sewer. Beyond that, it’s the local council’s responsibility and if any kind of damage occurs while cleaning the main lines of the drains by a householder, the liability will be completely his. In case of a community building or shared apartment, a blockage in the main drain line should be tackled by all members of the building on a shared cost and a shared responsibility.

If in doubt, contact the TSC (Technical Services Department) of your municipal council. Avoid experimenting with the drainage system if you are unsure of how to handle it as this may lead to further damage. Check out Blocked Drain Gold Coast.