Contents of a Building Inspection Report

The type, size, age, the reporting mechanism used by the assessor, and of course, the state of the property are determinants affecting building inspections. You should ensure that your property inspection report should contain comprehensive data about the state of the apartment and whether it has major structural problems.

But you should bear in mind that a normal property or building inspection report is generally prepared only by a visual assessment and does not concentrate on deep seating structural problems like termite infestation. For a thorough inspection, you should engage an accredited specialist, geotechnical inspector or a structural engineer.

The licensed building surveyor generally inspects all accessible areas associated with the property that includes the exteriors and interiors, roof tops and roof spaces, basements and floors, swimming pools and the site.

You can ask the building inspector to inspect whether the property has asbestos problems; functional smoke alarm systems; electrical installations and wirings are safe.

The report will normally include problems or issues regarding your garage or garden shed, staircases, detached toilet, and fencing, drainage of surface water, storm water drainage, path or driveways leading to the property.

Comprehensive building inspections reports will additionally contain details on issues related to footholds, plumbing and drainage, damp-proofing (concealed), commercial air conditioning Brisbane, smoke detection systems and smoke detectors, swimming pools and fencing around swimming pools, pool equipment, chimneys and fireplaces, watering systems, home alarm systems, intercom systems, inbuilt or pre-fitted home appliances such as gas ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, dishwashers, channelled vacuum systems, range hoods, and hot plates, paint coatings, and window seals.

They also conduct Pest Inspections.

You’ll need to go for a ‘special-purpose’ if you want any minor defects like cracking, corrosion, skirmishes, unevenness or physical damage to walls and materials to be included in the final report.

If you need to renovate your home due to pest infestation, hire Brisbane home extension builders to make sure that everything will be done in due time.