An Overview of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Building maintenance plays an important part in keeping your commercial property hygienic and intact. Aside from your flat, common areas are used by all and these areas need to be clean on a regular basis. Following are the ways on how to ensure your building at its best condition.

Areas that are designated as Common Space

In order to ensure proper building maintenance, you must first know the areas whose maintenance is common responsibility of all the tenants residing in the building. Common spaces include the lift, the roof, common garden areas, the fire escape, the septic tank, the stairs, parking areas, entrance/exit and all entrance/exit routes, the boundary and the basic foundations. Your building will stay in top condition for years to come if you and your co-owners can take care of these areas regularly.

There are several ways by which owners can take regular care of their building. They can either hire a property manager or go the DIY mode and hire multiple service providers for individual tasks. But for all that to happen, you will first have to sit together and draw up a common maintenance plan for your building.

Draw up a Common Maintenance Plan

A joint maintenance plan is a blueprint for the general maintenance of your building. It identifies the common spaces and the steps that are to be taken by all the owners of the building to maintain these spaces in order to keep them safe and habitable. The plan will also specify individuals who will be responsible for individual areas of the maintenance plan, the total cost and how the amount will be shared. The plan must be endorsed by majority of the owners before it can be implemented. All the owners must clearly understand their legal obligations and agree to have a separate account for building maintenance expenses.

It is best to form an owners’ association who will be responsible for the entire maintenance of the building.