Difference between Double Storey Home and Single Storey

One storey homes are usually designed with a floorplan having two bathrooms or two and a half bathrooms. The floorplans allow for a patio in the rear, which may or may not be covered and perhaps another patio in front.

Having a front balcony may eat up the space reserved for your formal areas. Double storey home builders usually come up with floorplans already equipped with a minimum of three and a half baths or four full baths. You also get the guarantee of at least two spacious and covered balconies/patios in the rear.

More Rooms

A double storey house is more likely to have four bedrooms with two of them downstairs, two master suites instead of one, two living rooms on the two levels as well as a separate formal living room adjacent to/across the formal dining area.

You will also get a spacious study room which may be located either downstairs or upstairs, depending on the homebuilder’s floorplans. Because double storied homes typically have more space to spare, you can enjoy larger kitchens with fancy islands, larger pantries and spacious laundry rooms.


Double storied homes have great ideas in building your dream home. This is ideal for young, growing families with multiple kids and pets. Your older kids can occupy the second level while your second bedroom, located downstairs can be turned into a nursery for your newborns/toddlers.

This natural partitioning between the two levels helps both the parents and the kids to maintain their own privacy. Visiting grandparents or relatives can also stay upstairs or in the second bedroom downstairs without interrupting your private lifestyle.

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