An Overview of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems or centralized air conditioning systems are a good way to outside temperature ‘proof” your entire house. You can maintain an ideal uniform temperature at all times and can get the air conditioning of the entire house done by contacting the Air conditioning installs Brisbane once. You should understand the basic concepts and relative merits of the ducted AC system before you go about installing it.

General mechanism of Ducted AC System

A compressor which strengthens the system and helps in delivery of the refrigerator cooling agent to the indoors unit, is present outside the house. Generally compressors running on inverter technology are recommended for use as they consume much less power.

There are a number of pipes, both refrigerant and cooling ones, running between the AC unit and the compressor.

The fan coiled unit or the centralized AC unit is present inside the house. A drain 9condensate) runs out from the fan coil unit to the external drains.

Ductwork which carries blasts of temperature controlled air is hidden carefully under the ceiling.

The condensed air is disbursed through one/multiple air vents inside each room. A return air filter and grille is present to take the post filter air back through the fan coil unit.

The whole system can be regulated by means of a control panel.

Maintenance Tips

The air filter in the air conditioner needs to be cleaned once in a month. Inexpensive filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Ensure that the thermostat levels are maintained at a constant temperature throughout.