What Are the Uses of Forklifts?

Fork lifts have long been used in construction sites for carrying out an assortment of tasks. Many construction firms and building contractors these days, use a forklift that is mounted or placed atop a heavy duty truck. It can be conveniently off-loaded and then pressed into service.

A forklift in a construction site doubles up as haulage and a lift vehicle. It is used for hauling building materials like bricks, concrete, and steel bars from a storehouse to the construction project site. It is also comprehensively used for loading and offloading cartons and pallets of different construction materials.

A forklift is more often preferred over other types of heavy earth equipment because of its manoeuvrability to tackle narrow and confined passageways and areas.

In ports and dockyards

Forklift trucks come handy when loads and consignments have to be unloaded from ships, liners, and barges and carted away to be stored in a warehouse or depot alongside a port or a dockyard. They were heavily used in the world war days when emergency supplies and arms had to be quickly transported from the manufacturing sites to the war zones.

Landfill sites and stations

Nowadays, fork lifts for sale are increasingly being used for offloading and unloading garbage from waste recycling trucks, and large skip bins for hauling them away to a landfill site or a sorting station.

There is a category of forklift known as pallet truck that moves and stacks cartons and heavy packets. The different attachments that are used with a lifting machine serve different functions.

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