Tips for Cleaning Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

If the kitchen is your favourite place in the house, you might want to jazz it up with some interesting decor like setting up kitchen splashbacks. But there is more to kitchen splashbacks than meets the eye. They are not just about making a style statement. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Installing splashbacks in splash and spatter prone areas causes far less damage compared to ordinary walls and cook tops. However, they become dirty and faded over time if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning Glass kitchen splash backs is very easy provided you have time and the right cleaning equipment.

What needs to be cleaned?

Your kitchen platform is the victim of all the daily cooking, cutting and your culinary experiments. At the end of the day, your expensive splashbacks become dirty and stained with grease and food. Fingerprints and other marks left on the surface also make it look dull and faded. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to make them look spotless and sparkly clean.

It is best to clean up stains when they are fresh rather than keeping it for later. It is very difficult to clean up once the stains become stubborn.

Things you need

All you need to clean your glass splashbacks is a glass cleaner, a damp cloth and a paper towel or dry soft lint-free cloth. See to it that you are not using abrasive cleaners and clothes. This will end up ruining your splashbacks. Choose a cleaner that best suits the material of your splashback. For glass splashbacks a regular glass cleaner can be used.

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