Wall Mounted Mirrors for Bathrooms

People don’t usually think much about mirrors while decking up their bathrooms. But the truth is, along with lighting fixtures, wall and flooring options and bathroom fittings, mirrors are also decorative accent pieces that can add style and flair to your bathroom without any extra effort.


Wall mounted mirrors for bathrooms can come in a variety of eye catching designs, shapes and budget. You can choose from traditional shapes such as square, rectangular and round or oval or you can try out fancier shapes such as a square bottom with a convex top, wave design, curved designs, diamond shape, hexagonal or pentagonal shapes, other kinds of offbeat geometric shapes and mirrors with decorative borders. Mirrors has varieties of mirrors for you to choose from.


Some mirrors come with frames, others are frameless. Some of these bathroom mirrors even have crystals and glass encasings in the sides to create a unique and sophisticated look. The framing materials can consist of wood, metal or glass. Frame colours range from traditional bronzes and blacks to white, silver, gold, brown and any other colour of your choice.

Price and Type

Prices can start from below $75 for a plain frameless mirror and go all the way up to $300 and even more for the fanciest designer mirrors that turn heads. Some type of mirrors are double sided, some have pivot arms, a few are magnifying while some popular designs feature frameless mirrors with bevelled edges.

Accent Piece

Bathroom mirrors do not only serve a utilitarian purpose, they are also a part of the bathroom décor and double up as a gorgeous accent piece that can become the focal point of your designer bathroom. Therefore, when doing a home renovation, a mirror mounted on the bathroom wall is necessary for it to look spacious.

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