Difference between Patios and Decks

Patios and decks are immensely popular. They are seen as extensions in home, an outdoor living room you could say. If you were to ask someone about their favorite place in their home, they would probably say the deck or patio. Truth is decked and patios are popular spots for an outdoor get-together without stepping out of the house.

The Definition

The respective definitions of a deck and a patio are as different as chalk and cheese. While ‘patio’ is originally a Spanish word which means ‘courtyard, a ‘Deck’, on the other hand, is essentially built on different levels using different kinds of wood. Patios are constructed on the ground-level with concrete, pavers, stone and rock, whereas decks are made with wood-material such as pine, cedar, redwood, also vinyl materials. Furthermore decks do not require railings.

Which is Better?

Between patios and decks, patios are seen as low maintenance and durable, whereas decks are easy to install, and can become an ideal storage facility. If you’re the kind who likes to host parties and get-togethers, patio is a wise option.

However if you’re bent on a deck, then ensure you opt for synthetic decking, or use glazed tiles. Even the weather conditions are important. If the wood on the deck is going to be exposed to sunlight, the wood may fade. And in case of cold climate, the tiles may become prone to freezing and cracking consequently.

The next factor that you need to deliberate upon is the position of the deck or patio.