Tips on Choosing Pelmets

It is important to choose pelmets according to the design, size and shape of the windows and doors. For a contemporary looking room with a bay window, a simple and trim pelmet would be most suitable. The width of a pelmet should be about a sixth of the height of the window to make it look proportionate.

However, you may experiment with various sizes to create interesting effects. You may get a variety that is longer than necessary to make a door or a window seem wider. A wide pelmet fixed above a window would create the appearance of a high window. You must bear in mind that a wide or long pelmet would look appropriate in a large room.

Measurement of the Pelmet Track

A carpenter fixes a pelmet onto a track or a board. It is very crucial to fix up a pelmet track or board of appropriate dimensions. The track for the pelmet needs to clear the curtain track. It is a sensible idea to allow about six inches on each side of the curtain track. You may take measurements of each curtain track and get pelmets corresponding to the dimensions.

Some Interesting Variations

You may choose from a wide selection of exclusive styles. There are types with variously shaped lower edges. A pelmet with fretwork pattern built into the pelmet design serves two purposes. It adds to the beauty of the room and hides an unsightly strip lighting.

Recessed pelmets are a special variety, built into the architecture of the rooms. These conceal curtain tracks in the ceiling area of the room. You may consult your interior designer for professional advice for a suitable kind for your home.