Tips for Mouse Proofing Your House

Mice infestation is one of the most common household problems across the globe. Being nocturnal mammals, it is often difficult to spot them and you may not detect their presence till your house is infested with mice families. Hiring Pest Inspections to detect mice and killing them with rodenticides is Ok. But then you will have to deal with the stench till you locate the dead bodies. Instead, it is better to prevent their entry into your home as much as possible.

Seal all Entry Points

Since mice are quick and tiny creatures, they can easily rush through open doors in the blink of an eye. Always keep doors closed to prevent them from entering. Mice are nocturnal creatures so install screens on your doors and windows if you want to keep them open at night during the summer.

Check the magnetic fly screen from time to time to detect any tear and mend the damage immediately. The door and windows should also shut properly as any tiny gap between the panels and the frames is enough for a mouse to squeeze in. Install screens on the outlet of pipes, chimneys and vents to prevent mice from entering.

Inspect for Cracks within and outside your Home

Every time you have a repair round the house, always check that all cracks and holes developed during the work is sealed properly. This is especially true in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, attic and basement that have areas which are not cleaned on a daily basis.

Termites are common domestic pest that needs to be eliminate immediately.