Tips to Keep in Mind when Designing a Plunge Pool in Your Home

Natural plunge pools have served as an inspiration to create artificial ones at homes and hotels. Plunge pools are naturally occurring areas where there shallow depressions are created due to the pressure of the waterfall. Plunge pools are also artificially created to replicate the same scene and settings. It is relaxing to spend time in a plunge pool, which also has aesthetic looks. If you are thinking of installing a plunge pool for your house and are yet to finalize the plunge pool designs, here are a few things which you should keep in mind.

Dimension and Pricing

Always keep the plunge pool dimension in mind before building it. Go for practical dimensions – of at least 5 metres in length and 3 metres in width. Anything below that will be uncomfortable. Also, when selecting a vendor, always keep the pricing in mind. Pricing depends on various factors like features required and dimensions. Always discuss this before choosing a company.

Additional options

Always keep your design idea open for other features like the heating system, covers and water jets. You can never predict how interests might change with time. You might want to do swim laps one day (requiring water jets to create resistance) or might want to heat the water in the pool during winters. Always include additional features so that your pool doesn’t turn old anytime.


If you are thinking of finalizing the location for your plunge pool, make sure it is neither too far nor too near to your house. If it’s too far, you might see a lot of dirt and dust being carried to the pool – as people tend to walk to and fro. The water too will eventually become dirty. If you try to build it too near to your house, you might always have to keep an eye on your children and pets – as the pool might pose a danger to them.

Other requirements

Don’t forget to keep other important things in mind like the steps, grabs and ladders. There are different codes for building these, depending on the purpose, usage and area – and should be carefully followed to avoid mishaps. Always discuss with the contractor before finalizing anything – in case you are not aware of the regulations.