Important Compliance Guidelines for a Pool Fence

Pool fences are very important in maintaining the privacy of your pool and safety of the users of the pool. The 1991 regulations in the “Local Government Act” and the “Standard Building by Laws” stipulate that all swimming pools should have a fence around them.

These laws are applicable to all public and private pools and non compliance to the safety rules can result in fines. The positive effect of this law is demonstrated by the 50% reduction in the rate of child drowning.

Rules and legal regulations concerning fencing

According to legal norms, the minimum height of a pool fence should be 1200 millimeters (measured from the ground level). There should be less than 100 millimeters distance between the ground and the base of the pool barrier. The same distance specifications are also valid for the space between vertical patings, wires and rods.

The gates connecting the outside area to the pool should be in accordance to the pool safety specifications. The connecting gates should be self closing and should have the capacity of being latched from all positions. The gates should not have the provision of opening inwards towards the direction of the pool. The position of the gate latches should be at a minimum distance of 1500 millimeters from the base floor. The gate latch should be at a minimum height of 1400 millimeters above the shortest rail. Its better to contact a pool fence inspections service to check the features of the pool fence. Check out the best deals for frameless glass swimming pool fencing here

The safety compliance law states that the gates must be kept closed at all times, except when in regular use. There should be a system to ensure the safe locking of the door and all people using the pool should consider it their responsibility to keep the fence door locked after they exit the pool.

It is the responsibility of the pool owner or the tenant renting a property enclosed with a swimming pool to see to the maintenance of fencing and immediate repairs of pool barrier failures and also to periodically conduct pool fence inspections. Also Read Building Inspections

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