Common Myths Surrounding Solar Power

Solar power is an eco-friendly, sustainable, clean and environment friendly energy source that can meet all your electricity needs without polluting the environment or emitting greenhouse gases. But unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this clean form of energy. The following reality check will hopefully debunk a few of these myths.

Solar Electricity is Expensive

It is quite true that a solar installation system, combined with installation charges can be apparently pretty expensive. But if you look at the benefits, the cost of investment is recouped in 5 to 10 years or in an even shorter period. If you depend almost totally on solar energy, you will vastly reduce your utility expenses or completely eliminate your dependence on the local electricity grid.

You can generate additional income by selling off excess and unused solar electricity back to the power grid. The government offers various kinds of wide ranging tax cuts, tax breaks, subsidies, financial incentives, grants and rebates to residences and businesses which convert to this ‘green’ form of energy. It also raises the market value of your property by $20,000 if you can save $1000 from your utility bills. All these measures help to offset the expenses of installation.

Contact the Solar systems Brisbane for installation. You can help the environment from preventing the greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere is just one of the dozens of benefits that one can have from having a solar power system.

Only Small Appliances Can Run On Solar Energy

You can power any and every kind of household appliance including TV, computers and refrigerators or motors through solar energy. Solar electricity can be used to heat up your home and your swimming pool as well. Small farms and plants can also run on solar electricity.