A Guide to Timber Pest Inspections

When buying a property that is not checked properly you might be in for a nasty surprise and may find timber pests in your brand new home. It is always advisable to get pest inspections done before you commit to the house. Timber pests can cause a lot of damage not only to all the wood in your house but also to the financials of the house. If a thorough checking is not done, the value of your new property could reduce.


Naturally, you would like to complete thorough pest inspections done by professionals at the best price. It is best to ask for written quotations from various licensed pest control operators and professional pre-purchase inspections services. You can then compare the pros and cons of various quotations and then take a call.


The extent of pest inspections depend on how small or big your house is. You can definitely bring it to the notice of the pest inspector to conduct a thorough inspection. An average sized home takes around one hour to be inspected for timber pests. You can hence allocate a particular time to carry out the inspection. The more detailed the inspection the better. However, it is possible to choose a less detailed version of the inspection if that is what you are looking for.

Look around

Always shop around to find a good deal before you finalise one vendor. Having multiple options before your eyes means taking an informed decision. You might like the price of one but the services of another are better. You may like a particular vendor because of his goodwill but you may not like the fact that he is priced too high.

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