Things to Consider Before Deciding To Remove a Tree

You need to consider a variety of factors to remove a tree. Following are some guidelines to help you decide if you should indeed remove a tree that is causing trouble in your backyard or front yard.


One of the commonest reasons for tree removal is disease or illness. A diseased, dying tree can easily pass on its illness to the other healthy trees and shrubs in your garden. If you cannot revive the life of your affected tree through treatment and if you don’t want a majority of the trees and plants in your garden to get affected by this one tree and die, you may have to opt for professional tree removal Brisbane.

Risk Factors

Homeowners or property owners usually decide to remove a tree if it causes danger to life and property. Sometimes, after a ferocious storm, a large tree in your backyard may become partially uprooted and hang dangerously over your house or worse still, over your neighbour’s house. Or maybe a tree is blocking electrical wires.

Or maybe you have a very old, diseased tree in your garden that may break down in the next storm and damage your house or garage or the pool. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to remove the tree as quickly as possible to rule out tragic accidents. See Pool Safe Inspections

Other Problems

Tree services is essential if a tree in your garden causes problems in your neighbour’s property. Dangerously hanging trees, broken trees, overhanging branches that block out sunlight, air and the view and trees that have barged into your neighbour’s property must be removed as soon as possible.

Otherwise, your neighbours may complain against you or worse still, file a lawsuit against you if you don’t undertake damage control measures soon enough.