Types of Underground Rainwater Tanks

When you are looking for a new tank for your property and individual water needs, it pays to consider the option of rainwater tanks. Rainwater tanks can be modified to store the local water supply and collect natural rainwater thereby serving two purposes in one shot. Most home owners today like to use rainwater tanks because of their dual advantages and environment friendly options.

Underground Tanks

Underground concrete or brick based tanks are a good option if you sole purpose is to harvest a lot of rainwater for crops or farming needs. During the rest of the year you can always choose your overhead tank for individual needs while relying on your underground tank to harvest rain water during the rainy season or months.

Underground tanks can help you save space. Furthermore they are far easier to maintain because they barely need any maintenance activity.

Pump Covers

While looking for rainwater tanks the most common options you will come across are slimline tanks, round tanks and underground storage tanks. However, there is another viable option in the form of colourful pump covers. Pump covers can be installed on any type of existing tank to cover them and help the existing tank double up as a rainwater harvesting unit. In most cases home owners with large homes who already have more than one tank installed choose this option because it is far easier than replacing existing tanks.

Tips to keep in mind while choosing rainwater tanks

Always look for tanks that can serve dual purposes, that is harvest rainwater and store the local water supply

Try to choose multiple water tanks for different purposes to help with overall water management

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