The Different Types of Bamboo Flooring

Strand woven bamboo wooden flooring Brisbane is gaining its popularity because of the many advantages it offers. First, the bamboo floors are very tough and durable. The bamboo floors can withstand heavy foot traffic, even after several years of usage as the bamboo floors won’t easily get damaged. Second, the bamboo floors are highly adaptable to all sorts of weather condition , those who live in temperate or tropical countries can use bamboo flooring without worrying that the longevity and strength of the bamboo floors will be affected by heat, cold, or rain. Third, the bamboo floors are very easy to install, in fact, home owners who are tight in their budgets can install the bamboo flooring by themselves. But the unique quality of bamboo floors is its sustainability. The bamboo plant can grow at a fast rate, therefore, if the bamboo plant is cut, the roots or the bulb can grow back and propagate again in a matter of months. The bamboo is therefore considered to be friendlier to the environment as compared to other wood specie. Listed below are the different types of bamboo flooring that you can find in the market:

1. Grain types- bamboo flooring comes in three different grain types- horizontal type, vertical type, and the strand woven type. The horizontal types have planks that are arranged horizontally with some growth rings or knuckles of the bamboo plant that are very visible. The vertical type of bamboo floors are arranged vertically with smooth and uniform lengths. The strand woven type are made using the unused strands of the stalk and then pressed together and then pressurized and finishing is applied. The strand woven bamboo flooring is more durable as compared to the vertical and horizontal types of bamboo floors.

2. Color types- the bamboo floors come in different types of colors that will compliment the looks and styles of the home. The natural type is not colored and it appears blondish shade. The carbonized type gets its color from the caramelized sugar by allowing the bamboo to boil with its natural sugar for a certain period of time until the color changes. Then there is also the direct print where the natural appearance of certain wood types like oak and maple are printed on the bamboo flooring.

3. Texture types- the smooth bamboo floors are coated with different layers of sealant and easier to clean making it ideal for sensitive individuals. The hand scraped bamboo flooring is literally scraped by hands to appear aged or antique.