A Guide to Wide Plank Wooden Floors

Wide plank flooring is a hugely popular interior décor option. Normally any kind of hardwood or other wooden floor board with an aggregate width of 5 inches or more is known as a wide plank floor. There is huge variety as the planks of wood can be found in various shades, textures and colours ranging from rustic simplicity to exotic charm.

Unique features of good wide plank floors

Wide plank floors are generally made to order in a variety of finishes like engineered, finished, solid and unfinished etc. They can be made to look rustic as well as formal and can be presented in diverse forms. The wide lengths and super long planks mean that there is a lot of beautiful wooden floor Brisbane with barely visible seams.

These wooden floors can be shipped to various destinations according to the requirements of customers and generally have fuss free installation processes. In fact the installation can be done on plywood as well as radiant heat and concrete.

It would be easier to call a professional when it comes to cleaning your grout floor tiles.

Pre finished floors

This flooring solution has a pre applied factory finish on it prior to the actual installation. There is no need of a separate finishing process and there is no risk of the accompanying dust and odour which goes along with finishing. Time and labour is saved and this is why pre finished floors are a popular option with modern couples.

However imperfections are accentuated in pre finished flooring so it’s better to check the raw material before installing it. Never install wide plank flooring in the bathroom as the excess moisture will harm the texture and quality of the flooring.

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