Choosing Bridal Bouquet

You can use beautiful and fascinating brooches also at the holding side of bouquet. Brooches enhance the beauty of bouquet many times more. Match the colour of brooches also with the colour of your dress.

Gather Pictures

Gather a lot of pictures of bouquet from florist and magazines. Notice the kinds of flowers and visualize yourself holding those flowers in your hands on the biggest day of your life. In addition to that, there is a proper way of holding bridal bouquet in weddings.

Many times, you must have seen brides using both their hands for holding the bouquet which actually is not the right way of holding them. Use just one hand of yours to hold the bouquet. Gather more information in this regard. Look at various magazines to find out the right way of holding and carrying bouquet.

Colour of Bridal Dress

To make the bouquet look beautiful in the hands of bridal, it’s paramount that the colour of bouquet should match with the colour of bridal gown. You should always select the bouquet after finalizing your dress. Colour of flowers say a lot of things about your sentiments and spread an amazing aura in the environment of wedding.

Price of Flowers

Flowers in bridal bouquet not necessarily have to be the most expensive. There are many times when flowers looking appealing to you are not very expensive. Don’t just be under the wrong impression that expensive means better. Choose the flowers which you feel are matching with your theme.