Tips for Kids Party Supplies

Instead of playing the traditional hide and seek game, you can always modify the version to suit your childrens party. One way of doing so is by dividing the number of children.

Keep an object for the game. Once you divide the group, each group has to take turns in finding the object, the team that finds the object the most number of times wins! This will not only add to the excitement, it will teach the children a thing or two about team spirit!

Buying party supplies should depend on the theme, costumes and games of the party.

Bucket the Ball

Little children are too small in size to play basketball...but that doesn’t mean they can’t play bucket ball! Bucket ball is a simple, cute version of the original game meant for children between 5-8 years of age.

All you will need for this ultra simple game is a small bucket and a small children’s beach ball. Every child will then get the chance to throw the ball into the bucket. The children will be given a spot about 10 metres away from the bucket to throw the ball from, they cannot move closer to the bucket. Each child can be given about 3 tries. Obviously, in this game, the child who scores the maximum bucket goals wins!

Skit time

If you are having a party for slightly older children, ideally between 8 to 12 years of age then dividing them into smaller groups and asking them to perform skits will be a good idea. This game will serve as an entertainment feature for both the children and the parents who are watching. When you shop for kids party supplies, you can pick up some neutral props for the skit game.