How To Conduct an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding may make your guests hot and thirsty. Keep a large supply of bottles of cold water. Arrange for colourful parasols over the tables for your guests. Have plenty of sunscreen for your visitors. If you plan the wedding on a cold and breezy day, you may request the guests to put on additional layers. You can insert the instruction on to the invitation programme.

Get a Sound System

Rent a reliable sound system with microphones for the bride, groom and the person officiating. Arrange for an assortment of music and songs. Hiring a band would be a good idea to entertain the guests. Ask Outdoor wedding Brisbane if getting a permit from the authorities would be easy.

Arrange for Food and Drinks

Estimate the amount of food you need for the party and order accordingly. It is sensible to plan for some extra food. Plan to have items that keep well in the heat. It is wise to limit liquor at an outdoor wedding as alcohol dehydrates the body.

Get a moderate supply of beer and wine. Ensure that non-alcoholic drinks are in plentiful supply. Keep your guests plentifully supplied with iced tea, lemonade and other juices.

Plan the Furniture and Tableware

Rent tables, garden chairs and other necessary items. Arrange them a couple of hours in advance of the event. Set the main table for the wedding cake. Arrange for the tableware. Plan on how you intend to keep the food warm during the party.

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