One Year Old's Birthday Party

A time capsule is an environment which will remain constant throughout a certain prefixed period of time. You can put in a message for your baby in a pretty decorative box and also ask your guests to contribute. Ask people to write about the things they would wish for your one year old, the hopes and dreams, the reasons why they love him/her so much, the connection between your mutual families and any other emotional topic. Once all the notes are in, seal the box and let your son or daughter open it when he/she turns 18. Your guests will be thrilled to participate in such a special gesture.

Hire a good photographer

The one year old birthday deserves the best especially a good photographer taken from themed party supplies. When the birthday is over all that will be left are the memories and most of them can be relived all over again with the help of photographs. If you plan on taking picture yourself then remember you will be missing inside the pictures. So free yourself and let a photographer take some lovely snaps.

Plan the birthday well

Weekends are ideal for the birthday celebration as maximum people can attend the event. The party should be no more than two hours because your one year old baby will not be able to handle all the attention for a long period of time.


Unlike other events, there’s no fixed menu for baby showers. However, the commonly consumed food items are cakes, desserts, sandwiches, cheese, cookies, finger foods and salads. You can also serve beverages or drinks. However, make sure you know about the number of people attending the function and have sufficient food to serve all of them. In case you are not sure about the exact number, it’s better to stock food to avoid embarrassing situation.