Types of Portrait Photography Services

Portrait photography focuses on bringing out the expression, feeling and personality of the people in the photograph. It is the best means to capture the essence of moments to be cherished forever. There are various kinds of portrait photography services available. A few prominent ones are family, wedding, baby, couples and corporate profiles. These photographs mainly focus on people’s faces but some photographers also add effect through locations and backgrounds.

Family portrait photography

A family portraits must convey the relationship between members and reflect the bond and closeness shared by them. The pose might be according to your choice and not necessarily seated in a uniform fashion. It depends on the number of family members. For example, a large family could have an outdoor portrait with the taller members at the back, the elders in the middle and kids in the front. An outdoor location could make use of natural lighting and you could also experiment with poses. Angular pictures and close up shots also make for great family portrait photography.

Wedding photographs

Wedding pictures are very special and display some of the happiest moments of one’s life. As it will involve a large group, the photographer must be technically well equipped. These pictures look best when taken from a high viewpoint. You can choose between various styles like contemporary, traditional, posed, etc. The wedding photographer might need an assistant to assemble all the guests for a group picture, which might be a challenging task.