The Origins of Common Wedding Myths

A few wedding traditions have been passed on to the present generations for such a long time now, that they have become ingrained within the wedding ceremonies of today. People don’t even realize why they began in the first place. But if you research thoroughly, you might come across really interesting facts about the origins of these quintessential myths.

Wedding dress

You must be familiar about the hugely popular myth that the grooms shouldn’t see the brides in her wedding dress before the wedding ceremonies. If he does, it brings ill luck. The origin of this myth lies in the time when arranged marriages were popular.

Two families set up the marriages of their children often as a part of a business deal. In such cases, the bride and groom weren’t allowed to see each other at all. This system was formulated so that the groom doesn’t get any chance to reject the bride before marrying.

A rejection would mean dishonour to the girl’s family and a big loss in business. This ritual of not seeing the bride before marriage has now metamorphosed into the myth of the wedding dress. Today, this has just become a fun ritual that heightens the excitement of marriage ceremonies.

Old, new, borrowed and blue

The tradition that the bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue has an inner significance. All the four things stated in this Victorian practice carry a meaning.

The old symbolises the newlyweds’ connection to their roots through their families. An old garter that is generally handed over from a happily married woman to the bride is supposed to bring her the same prosperity and happiness as it did to its erstwhile owner.

The new thing symbolises the freshness of the union that follows the wedding ceremony. It is believed to bring good health and success.

The borrowed element is nothing but token of love from a close friend or family member to the bride.

The colour blue symbolises the wife’s fidelity and unfailing devotion to the husband.

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