Poses to Make for a Wedding Photographer

To make a pose for a wedding photography is an art in itself. One of the things that a wedding photographer needs to learn is how to make his subjects or the couple and their guests pose ‘correctly’. Though there are no right and wrong poses, but at times, if the couple made the wrong pose, the resulting pictures are awkward and the flaws are even highlighted. But if the poses are properly done, body imperfections are concealed. In addition, if poses are done incorrectly, some couples who are by nature demonstrative and affectionate may look stoic and distant. On the other hand, those couples who are prim and proper may appear otherwise. Below are some poses to make for a wedding photographer:

Wedding Photographers

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• The V Up- this wedding pose is the classic pose for a wedding photographer. The hands of the couple are placed on their hips. They could either be facing each other or side by side but the important thing is for the hands to be on their hips or in the case of the groom, one hand could be placed inside his pocket.

• Opened up- the couple to look very relaxed, they can open their feet slightly in front of the camera.

• Closed up- this pose is also referred to as the romantic pose as the couple are asked to get closer to each other and in front of each other rather than side by side. The Sydney wedding photographer can get intimate poses like the couple kissing or hugging each other.

• Stacked- this kind of a wedding pose is best done outdoor. The coupe is asked to look far away or from a distance while in a hugging pose. This is captured amidst beautiful and romantic scenery.

• The swing- this wedding pose is like an action pose where the groom carries his bride in a manner that looks like the bride is running towards her groom.

• The carry- this wedding pose for a wedding photographer is similar to the swing except that there is no motion involved.

• Staggered coupe- this wedding pose is focused on either of the couple. Most of the time, a shot is taken when one of them faces away from the camera.

• Meet in the middle- this is supposed to be a funny shot when the couple stick out their behind while they give each other a kiss. Also referred to as the penguin kiss.

• The walk- as the name implies, the wedding photographer takes a shot of the couple while they are walking and looking very much in love.

• The dip- this wedding pose for a wedding photographer is the combination of the swing and the carry poses.

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