Some of the Common ill-effects of Sugary Beverages

Over the years researchers have diligently studied the connection between nutrition and diseases, and there has been increasing evidence relating sugar and sugary beverages to many health risks. To be completely honest, the evidence gathered so far is overwhelmingly clear about the huge impact that consumption of excess sugar can have on our lives.

Since the late 70s, consumption of sugar and sugar sweetened beverages has been on a steady rise world over. Couple with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, these have been one of the primary causes why an entire generation of children world-wide are no obese. It is the norm to see parents hand over a sugary drink to their kids such as buying coffee, and with the advent of diet coke in the market, somehow everyone has started to think of them has healthy drinks.

But in fact, sugary drinks are not healthy and long term consumption of it – as is so common today – can lead to many serious side effects.

Why are sugary beverages worse than solid sugar?

You may eat something that contains sugar and is solid, like a piece of chocolate, and it will still have some health benefits (due to the cocoa). But drinking liquid sugar is akin to drinking calories. The sugar has no health benefits, and in fact the overproduction of insulin that results due to the sugar rush causes you to feel hungry and overeat. Even the so called diet drinks are sugar sweetened and have the same effect on your body.


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