Breast Implants – The Do’s and Don’ts

Breast implants are the most common type of cosmetic surgery performed all over the world. However, despite it being such a common phenomenon, breast implants can go wrong if you do not take proper care. The good news is that since most of the complications that can occur after breast augmentation are predictable, there is a high possibility that you can prevent them by following a few strict set of rules.

Lose/gain weight

It is very important for the patient to reach her ideal body weight at least 4 months before the operation. Light exercise and a healthy diet should be able to do the trick.

No smoking

High nicotine levels in your blood inhibit smooth circulation and might cause necrosis. So smoking must be stopped at all cost at least 3 months before breast implants. Not only that, once the surgery is over, it is mandatory that you keep away from both active and passive smoking for about 6 months after the implant.

Go for check-ups

Regular check-ups for a period of 3-4 months before breast implants are necessary. The expert will know best what your current health conditions are and can prescribe diet, exercise or medicines accordingly.

Check the surgeon’s credentials

Since breast implants have become a very popular cosmetic surgery, many people are taking it up as their profession for profit. But not all of them have the required qualification for performing such a complicated surgery.

So before you entrust someone with your own body, please verify if his credentials are genuine. An amateur cosmetic surgeon might cost you less but do not compromise with your health and beauty just because of expenses. It would not be worthwhile in the long run.