The Distinction between a Medical Spa and a Day Spa

People nowadays are engaging stress every minute of every day in their life. Most of them tend to take their breaks during holiday season but there are instances where in the body tells them that they really, really need to take a break and be pampered. Now this is where spas steal the show and there are two different kinds of spas, the medical spas and the day spa. Through this article you will learn about the difference between the two so you will be able to know which one is best suited for you

With these two kinds of spas, it is kind of confusing to choose to whether this is what your body wanted as of the moment. The two may seem similar but it offers different kinds of features, like their personnel. Usually a day spa hires licensed beauty technicians and associated services. A day spa salon enhances the beauty within you without changing your natural body structure. On the other hand a medical spa offers services like laser hair removal which is done by a medical staff trained in a certain field of expertise. However when entering into this spas you must look for a certification of sort that they are licensed physicians and specialist in order for the body to be properly taken care of.

Next one is their services. Both are very different in nature and specifics. The medical spa goes under medical procedures or surgical operations wherein day spa doesn’t. This spa offers services if you wish to change any part of your body. You can get the most popular services these days like the wrinkle treatments, hair removal, acne treatments, facial treatment and many more. While the day spa Sydney offers massages, facials, hair coloring, manicure, pedicures, haircuts and other aesthetic treatments.

Last is their type of equipment used. Technically, medical spas undergo chemical treatments and such, so they usually use machines to cover intensive treatments like lasers and many others. It is more expensive and professional than what a day spa offers. Though there are expensive machines in a day spa but mostly the treatments offer there concentrates around human services like massages, makeups, hairstyles and etc.