Cross Trainer vs Treadmill

For runners and athletes who need a serious workout that challenges their endurance, treadmills are the best exercise equipment to buy. Not only can you keep up with your training on this machine come what weather. You can also set it up at different inclines and speeds to increase the strain and the impact of your workout.

Calorie and fat burn on the two machines

Though calorie burn on the treadmill is faster, many exercisers cannot take the impact for long. This means that they reduce the speed of running and walk every now and then. While on a cross trainer, since the impact of training is so low, exercisers can push through for longer and in the end the cross trainer wins when it comes to calorie and fat burning just because it allows exercisers to endure longer.

Muscle toning

While both the machines are designed for cardio fitness, you can use them to train and tone other parts of your body as well. On the cross trainer, you can work with a higher resistance to tone up muscle groups in your legs and hands like your hamstrings, glutes, and your quadriceps. Pedaling on the cross trainer while in a squatting position makes the toning impact even better. You can even stop pedaling for a while, and focus on the handles to tone up your arms. This way, the cross trainer gives you more options for toning muscles as compared to the treadmill.

Elliptical cross trainers are very good for your heart, lungs, legs and hands.

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