All About Fat Cavitation

The rate of cavities produced during the process of ultra sound cavitation depends upon the frequency of the waves. There are many factors which vary according to the frequency like number of vacuums/cavities produced per unit time, distribution flow of the cavities and the size of produced cavities.

Generally an optimum frequency of 80 KHz is ideal for producing a subtle gentle cleaning action. If there is excessive movement in the surrounding medium the process of cavitation is affected badly. Using the optimum frequency range is very important to produce the desired effect and prevent damage of internal organs.

How is fat removal achieved by cavitation?

The weight loss machines hit the fat deposits by special cavitation equipment under highly controlled conditions. This technology melts the adipose deposits and converts them into liquid which are drained away by the natural processes of the body. There is a procedure called lymphatic drainage which flows away the fat faster.

Usually a single session of cosmetic ultra sonic fat cavitation lasts for 30-45 minutes and is done using a lot of precautions. There should be a minimum gap of 3 days between two consecutive sessions of ultrasonic cavitation so that the body has a chance of eliminating the fat through its natural excretory and lymphatic systems.

The number of ultra sound cavitation sessions required for a particular person will depend on how obese he/she really is. The average minimum number of cavitation sessions required to produce desirable results is about 6-11.

Losing weight can be an easy task with discipline, regular exercise and proper diet. You can also hire a personal trainer for your fitness goal.