Physiotherapy and Common Back Problems

Back problems can disturb your peace as it keeps niggling throughout the day. In most cases, you would apply a pain relieving spray or take a tablet but if you are unaware of the extent of the problem, you may be aggravating the pain. It is necessary to go through a physiotherapy session, after consulting a doctor. Physiotherapy gives you the much needed long term relief for your back pain.

You may get a back pain as a result of an injury or strain the muscles in your lower back, then you are unable to function properly. Therefore, any further movement increases the pain in the lower back or your muscles will keep spasming leading to shooting pain. Most back pains occur when you do excessive physical activity that puts pressure on your back. If you do not take care, it can result in a chronic condition with a long period of treatment.

Untreated back pain also results in lower threshold levels for the back muscles, lower back injury, tight hamstrings and overweight.


Back pains need to be treated in two phases so that there no relapses in future. The first phase will be to reduce the level of pains as well as any muscles strains. When you meet the physiotherapist for your physiotherapy session, you will be advised rest and ice packs as part of the initial treatment.

Physio Sydney are qualified doctors, they can provide a holistic approach to treatment of the condition and guide and help you in managing the disease.