Factors To Consider About Self-Balancing Scooters

Self balancing scooters have become quite the trend in today's lifestyle. With celebrities popping up with them in their music videos and personal lifestyle insights, it goes to show that they have become the in thing. But even with the celebrity popularity, scooters are not everyone's favourite. Take for instance, Wiz Khalifa, a well-known rapper got into trouble at the Los Angeles Airport for being on a scooter. 

A few factors to consider include:

    • The weight limit. With it being self-balancing, it definitely must have a weight limit. Well, in this case I think you should consider how much you weigh before getting a scooter. You do not want to find yourself creating drama simply because you stepped into one and it broke. 

    • Find out its battery life span. Just like you do not want to drive a car and run out of gas, you also do not want to run out of battery while on you scooting escapades. Read its manual and know how long it can be on and also how long it takes to charge it. You do not want to run out of battery and take another 24 hours to charge it. It clearly will be boring. 

    • Know your state laws. Not all state laws allow self-balancing scooters to be running around on the streets. This is because they are pruned to accidents and injuries. So, other states allow them on sidewalks and others prefer you scooting at your own backyard. You do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

    • Ensure safety measures are taken. Having your balance may not be enough to keep you alive. Have a helmet, knee caps and wrist bands. They may not protect you fully from injuries, but they might save you a lot of damage. 

    • Purchase self-balancing scooters from genuine dealers. Whether online or from a store near you, make sure you get a genuine scooter. A few have been reported to explode or catch fire in different states. This is due to fake batteries that end up overheating. Make sure it is also not counterfeit and cause other damages.

    • When having children scooting, always ensure safety measures and if possible be with them. 

    • Master its speed limit. Most of them do not exceed a speed limit of 10mph. Know how to scoot safe with a reasonable speed limit that won't get you to fall when taking a corner. Also, know your surroundings.