Most Common Types of Sports Injuries

For many of you sports could be a way of life to stay active and be fit. Many people play sports in one or the other form to fulfill their interests and a method to do exercise.

Playing sports is the key to a healthy lifestyle but it can turn out to be damaging for the body, if not done cautiously. As a result you could end up getting hurt or injured.

Reasons right from lack of warm-up, a person being unfit or irregular movements of the body may cause injury. The guidelines mentioned hereafter will help you to know various types of injuries and methods to deal with most common types.

Strains And Sprains To The Muscle

Muscle strain and sprain is amongst the most common sports injury. It could occur in the in ankles, wrists and knees.

Moreover, over-exerting a certain muscle may cause the muscle tendons to break and tear, and this could result in creating a strain in the muscle. Wear and tear of the hamstring muscle is rather notoriously famous in sports.

Then there is the neck-area. The continuous movement of the neck can cause a neck strain. For healing, it is advised to apply ice for 20 minutes on the neck and the pain will slowly subside. If this doesn't work, consult physiotherapist.

Other kinds of injuries which occur frequently include: Foot-arch pains, shin splints, and twisted ankle sprains.


Fracture is a common injury in football; hockey or sports where running is mainly involved. Fractures can even take place due to repetitive stress or tension being created in a particular bone. Small cracks or complete breakage are signs of fractures.