Spray Tanning Tips and Guidelines

Spray tanning is a lot safer than being under the sun and also it is a great way to get ready for summer and bikini swimwear season. You can easily get that look that is what we call a “bronzed look” in just a little amount of time and can look great for important upcoming events. In order for you to achieve the perfect spray tanning, there are things you need to remember.

Before you go through spray tanning session:

• You should exfoliate before your appointment. It has been advised that the night before your appointment of spray tanning Sydney, you must exfoliant with a water-based exfoliant. You can also use loofah, wash a cloth or salt and sugar based scrub. If they have the essentials oils, it is effective but you should remember not to leave oils into your skin.

• Even in your appointment in spray tanning session, do not be late. It is very important that you need to be early in this session.

• Be natural. Do not wear any jewelry; make ups, lotions and anything that could lessen the effect of the tan. It is okay because you can wear them just after the session two days later.

• Be conscious of your clothing. You should wear loose clothes because if you use clothing that is fitting, the tan might get off your skin easily. So, you need to be conscious of your clothing whether it can damage the tan or not.

• Use an old bathing suit or any undergarment as these clothes will just rub out the tan on your skin.

• Before the spray tanning artist apply the tan to your skin, inform them ahead of time if you have any allergies, broken skin, wounds and abraded skin or dry skin areas.

• You can decide with your tanning artist if you can have just underwear or nude during the session but remember that it is just okay not to go all the way or be nude.

• Before the tanning, make sure you do not have sweat. If you have walked too much to get into the tanning session then at least wipe off the sweat from your body.

• Follow the instructions given by the tanning artist or technician and do not forget to keep your thighs and arms apart so that the tan will be distributed evenly.

Remember these tips and guidelines that it may help you before you go through tanning session. Remember that this is safer than being under the rays of the sun.