Celebrity Interior Designer

There are many celebs who want something exclusive than acting, studios, film set etc. However the big names of Hollywood were willing to be interior designers. But due to some reasons, they would not have become interior designers. But after being a great artist and famous celebrity, there are many celebs in art world also known as interior designers.

Many celebrities from Hollywood have adopted interior designing as the second best carrier for them. However, these known celebrity interior designer are best with decorative art pieces in an artistic interior designer industry.

Let's see some famous celebrity interior designers, got popularity interior design industry.

• Justin Timberlake

Before experiencing 20/20 experience and connected with Jay-Z, the actor and musician Justin than work together with Estee Stanley. After collaboration and inspired by their highly residential projects of interior designs and home décor, he has created some amazing art pieces of blend with modern art and contemporary.

• Ellen DeGeneres

The most famous host and an ultimate talented comedian Ellen is the known name also connected with the art industry of interior designers, through working as the anchor in HGTV, Ellen then started her second career as an interior designer.

• Brad Pitt

The big name Brad Pitt is the real lover of architecture, culture, art etc. Now according to recent news the great actor has turned to his career as an interior designer too. He then collaborated with the Pollaro (the best and known furniture maker) and he has designed the biggest collection with tables, marble bathtub, bed and seating etc.

• Gwyneth Paltrow

Lifestyle website Goop is founded by Gwyneth, other than cooking and acting she decided to become an interior designer. The great actress used to have enough interest in interiors, therefore, she made Goop pop-up boutique within Los Angles. She also had bought the great and most beautiful house with the superb interior designed by top designers named as Martyn Lawrence and Peter Dunham.

• Adam Levin

The great artist knows the resemblance between making music in studios and furnishing a home. The best rock artist has exclusively beautiful house with the most amazing art pieces designed and fitted like some other big names of interior designers.

• Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is the most decent person with truly beautiful and wide senses of interior and architectural best looks. Most graceful lady has started work with Martyn Lawrence Bullard. She has amazingly broadway knowledge of utilization of perfect fit colors with the complementary textures in interiors.

• Diane Keaton

A big actress with hugely amazing knowledge of interior designs, she has written some books on interior designing and as well as she is one the great contributor with Remodelista.

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