LED Lighting Contribute to Reduce Internet Radiation

LED light as the low-carbon, energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting equipment has been gradually acknowledged by us, thanks to its vibrant color, long life, and safety performance. The industry is optimistic about the LED light and has gradually transformed ordinary lighting (such as incandescent) out of the lighting market as the strategic emerging industries in the field of intelligent lighting the state and local governments actively support. Experts predict that LED lighting will achieve universal around 2015.

A computer may be under irradiation of the LED lamp, which is smoothly connecting network without cable and built-in wireless port to complete web browsing, video playback, and many other network functions, the mystery lies in LED lamps on the roof. According to experts, China Unicom network signal is transmitted to the computer through the LED light. The maximum transfer rate of the Internet measured in this way can reach 2 trillion per second.

While we have been enjoying the convenient services offered by wireless networks, we are also worried about that the radiation it produces make adverse effects on the human body, but using eco friendly lighting to surf Internet can eliminate the concern. Currently, LED lamp Internet is just one potential share. However, its special information transmission way can access speed of 1G per second in the future. It is being understood that the developmental potential of LED lamp is significant in the intellectual area, further developing wireless communication technology about the LED have been also started at home and abroad, which will become a new direction for future technology development.

Apparently, LED lamp combining with communications can also give us a better and a perfect experience the progressing technological brings. Of course, the widest use for LED lighting is still lighting every day, especially for the LED flood light that enjoys a great popularity in landscape lighting and decorative lighting. They are useful in entertainment plaza and park, and the stadium where people watch the fierce competition. They can also be found in luxurious commercial buildings and hotels and other places everywhere. LED flood light is made of a high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material. The high heat dissipation material is electrostatically sprayed on the surface, and quality tempered glass covers the shade. These features ensure the LED flood light has excellent heat dissipation and waterproof feature.

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