Shade Sails Do It Yourself

You might have been thinking of what to do with your outdoor space that has been useless for sometime. Or maybe you might be considering redecorating your garden or yard. If you have been wondering on how to make your outdoor space appealing and attractive, then why don’t you set up a shade sail? Shade sails will not only make your outdoor space seem lively and eye-catching, but it can also make your yard more usable. You can either buy a regular shade sail over the counter or you can do it yourself, which is very easy. Below are the simple steps.

1) Pick your shape and size. Shade sails look like the sails of the ship, so all you have to do is think nautically when it comes to shape and size. Of course, you still have to consider the space where you are going to have this set up, so make sure that the size and the shape you choose will work with what you have with your outdoor area.

2) Pick your fabric. There are outdoor fabrics available in different types in the market. Make sure to find the one that would be durable enough, both to withstand the dying process if you are planning to color it on your own, and also to endure the outside weather since it’s going to be used outdoors.

3) Get the materials needed. Of course, after picking up the fabric, you would need to have it cut in the shape and size that you choose. You would also need the help of a sewing machine, which needs to have strong needles so that it would work just fine on your fabric. Then with proper eyehooks, rope and fasteners, then you are just about ready to create an architectural work of art.

4) Start the installation. There are a lot of installations done for outdoor shade sails wherein they are attached from one structure to another. This is okay, but not recommended. What you can do instead is to use eyehooks to connect your shade sails to the trees, and make the same effects as if you sail is connected to another structure.

See? Installing your shade sail can be as easy as 123. If you are still not sure of what to do, there are instructional videos online that would certainly help you in beautifying your outdoor area. Or you can always contact shade sails Sydney for professional advices.